Shining Video Recovery Wizard

Recover videos that have been lost from your PC


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Shining Video Recovery Wizard is a program for Windows that will allow you to recover videos that you had stored on your hard drive, USB stick, SD card or camera which have been deleted by accident or lost due to a computer malfunction.

The simplicity of Shining Video Recovery Wizard means that in a few minutes you can get your videos back onto your device. To start the search process you have to indicate to the hard disk whether you want to search the internal or external memory of your PC. Once selected, Shining Video Recovery Wizard will show you a list of possible video files that can be recovered. The programme can recover any file type, so you don't have to worry about what format it was in; all videos will be displayed to you regardless. Once you choose the file that you want to recover, it will take a few seconds to appear in the destination folder.

If you have lost any videos that you have stored on your computer, and you want a program that helps you recover them easily, Shining Video Recovery Wizard is a great option to consider.

Requires Windows XP or higher